Surfside Sea Glass Gems

  • Why Genuine Sea Glass Is Special.

    Why Genuine Sea Glass Is Special.

    Nothing compares to the thrill of finding that special, rare piece of sea glass. For those who collect, I share your love of the endless quest for that elusive red, turquoise, yellow, or orange. I also appreciate the heart- flutter that comes with finding even a pretty white or brown. Like you, I imagine the history of every piece found. How old is it? What did it begin its life as? Whose hand held it last? Why was it tossed into the sea? Every color and piece of genuine sea glass has an identity to it. I thank all of...

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  • What Is Sea Glass?

    What Is Sea Glass?

    Essentially, genuine sea glass is the conclusion of the remarkable story of a grain of sand’s wondrous journey. The beginning of the story starts when one grain of sand is combined with millions of other grains (plus soda and lime in a man-made process that dates back thousands of years) and glass is born. Eventually, some of that glass finds its way to the ocean in the forms of bottles, window panes, marbles or many other various glass products when they are carelessly discarded by man. But, do not despair. Nature has a brilliant recycling plan for that article of...

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  • How to Tell What's Genuine Sea Glass And What's Fake

    How to Tell What's Genuine Sea Glass And What's Fake

    ALL of my sea glass is genuine, ocean-tumbled sea glass that I collect off the rocky and sandy shores myself. It is NEVER machine-tumbled. Please pay close attention to pictures and descriptions of sea glass and do not be afraid to ask questions about where the sea glass originates from. When it is too consistent in shape to other pieces, has too many rare colors in similar shapes, has a smoother rather than more pitted patina or its price does not reflect the value of the sea glass, it may be too good to be true. When in doubt, please...

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