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Surfside Sea Glass Jewelry creates unique, eco-friendly sea glass jewelry with all genuine sea glass collected from beaches in Puerto Rico, California, England, Ireland, Bermuda, and throughout the Caribbean. Showcased in boutiques, sea glass festivals and art fairs around the country, SSSG is known for its high-quality, whimsy, and commitment to the integrity of ocean-tumbled sea glass and the beaches on which it was collected. Its creator is a Board Member of NASGA (North American Sea Glass Association) which seeks to educate about the nature of genuine sea glass and its history as well as the environment where it is found.

The Surfside studio designs genuine sea glass jewelry including pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and more. All pieces of sea glass used in the are genuine, flawless, jewelry-grade, and ocean-tumbled. This is especially important with sea glass pieces as it is it provides the origin of the sea glass. Therefore, the unique history of each piece can be surmised back to a specific time-period and original form. History is as important as beauty to sea glass. If you would like to know where your piece originated from and when, please message us. 

Surfside's creator, Denise, has been collecting sea glass for decades. Using pieces from her collection, she creates one-of-a-kind pieces in her new studio in New Jersey. The company has been in existence for well over 10 years. Always learning, she stays current in new methods and materials. All jewelry is designed by Denise and with an emphasis on quality and handcrafted love. Each piece comes beautifully boxed and gift-wrapped free of charge as well :)

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WHOLESALE IS NOW AVAILABLE. Please contact us at: surfsideseaglass@yahoo.com for more information. We look forward to working with you!

What is sea glass?

Essentially, sea glass is the conclusion of the remarkable story of a grain of sand's wondrous journey. The beginning of the story starts when one grain of sand is combined with millions of other grains (plus soda and lime in a man-made process that dates back thousands of years) and glass is born. Eventually, some of that glass finds its way to the ocean in the forms of bottles, window panes, marbles or many other various glass products when they are carelessly discarded by man. But, do not despair. Nature has a brilliant recycling plan for that article of glass. With all its power and majesty, the ocean tumbles these now broken and jagged shards into magnificent sea glass gems. Then, in due time, the ocean lovingly presents its treasures back to the sand from which it was created years before. That original grain of sand has come full-circle.

Like that grain of sand, each piece of sea glass has its own history. With some knowledge and detective work, all sea glass can be traced back to specific time periods and original forms. There is so much sea glass history that entire books have been written to help unravel its fascinating story. Pick one up sometime. You will not be able to put it down!

Colors of sea glass range from common green, brown and white to rarer blue, purple and citron. For a few lucky collectors (maybe only once in a lifetime), the ocean blesses them with the rarest of colors : red, black, orange and yellow. These discoveries are heart-stopping moments for collectors!

So, the next time you find yourself walking on the beach and gazing at the water, take a moment to look down upon the sand. You may be the ocean's next recipient of one of its remarkable and brilliant sea glass gems!


Please allow up to one week from date of purchase to shipping date. Most pieces require various levels of customization which require time. However, if in a time restriction,  I will be happy to do my best to work with you and get your order to you when needed. Please contact me with any concerns. Thank you! 



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