Ocean Waves Recycled Eco Friendly Sea Glass Earrings With Ghana Beads

$ 32.00

I have been admiring Ghana glass beads for quite awhile now and waiting for a chance to incorporate them into some designs. These glass beads are made by artisans in Ghana. For a very long time, these beads were known as African Trade beads as they were used in place of money. They were also used extensively in tribal customs and dress. Recently, these beads have come back into style in Ghana and are spreading in popularity around the world. This resurgence has not only introduced these beads to the world, but also brought more money into the local economy and helped to clean up the environment as many beads are made with recycled materials.

These beads were made with recycled glass bottles and other glass products. The sea foam color is from a recycled Coca-Cola bottle!! Just like many of the sea foam sea glass gems we find that originated from the same source. Recycling is a beautiful thing - whether done my man or Mother Nature ! Ghana beads are rustic in nature. There are plenty of rough spots and various textures making them a chunky and striking bead. Each one is unique - just like sea glass !

I strung genuine white sea glass gems from Northern California in between the sea blue and sea foam Ghana beads. They add beauty and really make the Ghana beads pop! All the elements are wire=wrapped on ALL Sterling Silver components.

Each earring measures 1/3" by 1 3/4".

**Please remember, ALL of my sea glass is genuine, ocean-tumbled sea glass that I collect off the rocky and sandy shores myself. It is NEVER machine-tumbled. Please pay close attention to pictures and descriptions of sea glass and do not be afraid to ask questions about where the sea glass originated from. Machine-tumbled glass has made its way into the maketplace and it sometimes listed as genuine sea glass.When it is too consistent in shape to other pieces, has too many rare colors in similar shapes, has a smoother rather than more pitted patina or its price does not reflect the value of the sea glass, it is probably too good to be true. When in doubt, please ask. You are helping to preserve the integrity of the sea glass art by doing so and I along with my colleagues thank you for that :)

Since I collect my own sea glass, I would be happy to provide you with a written record of where this lovely sea glass was found as well as any possible "past lives" upon request. Remember, you are purchasing not only an object of beauty, but a piece of history as well.

Like all of my jewelry, this necklace comes beautifully-boxed with pretty ribbon - ready for gift-giving!

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