Men's Black Sea Glass Necklace Leather Cord Unisex

$ 75.00

This piece of flawless, surf-tumbled and substantial black glass was picked up off the sand of a beach in Puerto Rico by myself recently. The sea glass almost looked like a stone until I held it to the light and saw the faintest hint of light shining through a small edge of the glass. This piece is very old. Look carefully at the gorgeous patina of this sea glass. It is beautifully-pitted and polished. It probably started off its life as an old rum bottle back when it was believed that
black glass preserved the alcohol longer than lighter shades of glass. It also has two air bubbles - one on each side of the sea glass. This tells us this piece was produced before machines were used to create glass bottles dating this piece back anywhere from the late 1800's to 1700's! Imagine the history behind this sea glass gem!

Either the front or the back is suitable for display. It measures 3/4" by 1 ". A 20" leather cord comes with the pendant. It is hand-knotted with a slip knot. If you prefer a sterling silver chain instead, just convo me.

Since I collect my own sea glass, I would be happy to provide you with a written record of where this sea glass was found as well as any possible "past lives". Remember, you are purchasing not only an object of beauty, but a piece of history as well.