Genuine Rare Red Sea Glass Ring In 14 Karat Gold

$ 650.00

This rare red sea glass and all 14 Karat Gold ring is simply amazing! I found this red piece on a beach in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico during my January 2015 trip. When I found it, I was excited as it is red and rare in color. However, I was FAR more excited a year later when I sorted through my pretty haul from that trip, pulled out that red piece and inspected it more closely. Oh, my! What I realized is that this piece is a perfectly-tumbled and formed small Emerald shape red gem! If I hadn't found it myself, I would not have believed it to be true. I believe it started its life as an embellishment of some sort before making its way into the Altantic Ocean. It is a stunning piece!

I wanted to do something special with this rare red gem. So, I spent a few months thinking about it. Finally, I decided that it needed to be set as a ring - and a very special ring in all 14 Karat Gold. The emerald-shaped red gem is set in an emerald-shaped, pronged setting. It is a size 7. It looks stunning worn. Would make a wonderful engagement or anniversary band! I promise you, there will never be another ring exactly like this beauty!

Give your beach-loving Valentine a special gift this year - a one-of-a-kind, genuine and rare red sea glass ring! Created with all Sterling Silver and a very special red sea glass gem collected from a beach in England, this solitaire ring is a standout!

Or, keep it for yourself! Everyone deserves that one extra-special piece of sea glass jewelry no matter what the occasion. 

Comes with a beautiful gift box - ready for gifting!

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