GENUINE English Sea Glass Necklace Cage With Seaglass Gems Statement

$ 175.00

This GENUINE English Sea Glass Necklace Cage With Seaglass Gems encased inside is the beginning of my newest line of sea glass jewelry! I will be releasing more additions to it in the coming months. Please stay tuned! :)

The gorgeous white sea glass gem was found in Northeast England. I carved out the inside of the white gem and wire-wrapped gorgeous sea glass times found in Northern California. Colors inside range from rare yellow to green, aqua, cornflower and cobalt blues. I love how the white sea glass makes its own locket for the smaller gems!

All components are high-quality Sterling Silver. This pendant measures 1" by 1 1/2" and comes with a Sterling Silver chain. You can select from 16" or 18" or 20''. This white English gem started as a shard of hand-blown glass from the Victorian era. Such a piece of history!

**Please remember, ALL of my sea glass is genuine, ocean-tumbled sea glass that I collect off the rocky and sandy shores myself. It is NEVER machine-tumbled. Please pay close attention to pictures and descriptions of sea glass and do not be afraid to ask questions about where the sea glass originated from. Machine-tumbled glass has made its way into the marketplace and it sometimes listed as genuine sea glass.When it is too consistent in shape to other pieces, has too many rare colors in similar shapes, has a smoother rather than more pitted patina or its price does not reflect the value of the sea glass, it is probably too good to be true. When in doubt, please ask. You are helping to preserve the integrity of the sea glass art by doing so and I along with my colleagues thank you for that :)

Since I collect all of my own sea glass, I would love to provide you with the location, date and story behind the discovery of the piece of sea glass used to create this piece. If you would like to know more about the history of this sea glass, please convo me. I would be happy to provide you with a written record of it as well. Remember, you are purchasing not only a piece of beauty, but a piece of history as well!!

Like all of my jewelry, this necklace comes beautifully-boxed with pretty ribbon - ready for gift-giving.